Partner with me for Authentic Product Reviews

Hi, and welcome to my Creative Universe!

As a digital creator and a professional with 19 years of overall work experience, I bring a unique blend of expertise, tech acumen, creativity, and authenticity to every project.

With a sizeable following on my YouTube channels, I specialize in delivering high-quality, engaging content that resonates with my audience.


I prefer to present a software with all its details from a user’s point of view, solving a specific pain point for my audience. And for that, my typical charge is in the range of $475 – $750 for a video review.

For a detailed blog post with screenshots (either on Blogger IQ, or Tech Library based on your preference), it’d be an additional $250 for 1000 – 1200 words.

Additionally (and optionally), if you have any discounts, or extended trial period offers that’s not offered on your website – that might help boost signups in the longrun for the audience as it sounds exclusive to the viewers.

If this sounds feasible and exciting, please email me: arun at